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Testimonials - Vacations For Rent By Owner


Our sincerest thanks to the many gracious folks who have shared their unsolicited impressions and comments with us   -   THANK YOU!

  You guys offer a great service amidst the rip off, gouging big sites. Keep up the good work!
  - Thanks, Jerry
  After 17 years of watching the various home vacation rentals sites degrade into corporate money making machines and inserting themselves into controlling what we choose to do with our own property, someone, who has already been in this business, is offering us a great alternative. I started back in the days of cyberrentals 17 years ago and now it's just a corporate money grab. Show your support by listing with this very nice fellow. Setup is easy as pie. Listing is perfectly fine, owner is personally involved. Do it!
  - Steve K, Gay Head/Aquinnah, MA
  I love your site! its quick and user friendly!! Keep up the good work!
  - Naomi
  Your website is one of the best I've seen in a very very long time. Its efficient, and easy to update as a member.
  - Gay
  Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your service. I originally signed up with the largest vacation rental listing service and all they do is increase their prices and charge for every little thing. I have decided to drop them and stick with you. I have told everyone I know to go to "VacationsFRBO" when they're planning a vacation and added your site to my signature on my emails.
  - Donald
  Your website is awesome!!! I love how you set up the pictures and they seamlessly flow from pic to pic!! Great Job!
  - Michael
  Folks, I have added two properties and I like the way your website is organized. I will pass this along to my brother in law who has a couple of properties to list as well. Thanks again and best regards.
  - Everett
  I've just listed a property in Puerto Rico with your site. Just a quick note to tell you how well designed it is. I like it very much right down to the calendar. Thank you!
  - Kim
  This is a great website, easy to get started and user friendly. I just listed my condo. Thanks for the opportunity. Best Regards.
  - Phil
  Thank you very much for the kind invitation and opportunity to advertise on your new website. It is by far the VERY BEST and easiest vacation site I have ever listed on. I wish you much success with it.
  - Jim
  I just wanted to say thank you for allowing us to be a charter member, your website is the best and easiest to use of all I have tried. I like the fact that every time I edit it, it does not count my usage as a viewing. Hooray for you, finally a website that is friendly, looks good, nice colors you have done a great job.
  - Evelyn
  Thank you for a great site. Easy to list & put up pictures, very professional. We just acquired our first vacation rental and appreciate the opportunity to list on your site.
  - Ron & Christine
  Just want to compliment you on the structure and organization of your site. The best/easiest sign up I had in 3 years doing this. Thanks.
  - Karen
  Thank you for your fabulous web site. It is a breeze to navigate through and it is greatly designed.
  - Daniel
  I like your site. Unlike many other sites, it is very user friendly! Thanks for the invite.
  - Laura
  I really like the ease of using your site...if you get the circulation up competing with the other "big names", I'd prefer using your site. The largest listing website has higher circulation, but their site surfing & searches are very difficult (my opinion). I liked your site as the information was easy to access and structured well.
  - Gib
  Fantastic site - easiest uploads ever. Thank you!
  - Tharon
  Thanks for your help. I think the site is very well done.
  - Art and Flo
  Congrats on your website! It is extremely handy, straight-to-the-point (which I like a lot!), flexible and -- hopefully -- useful if well-positioned on the search engines.
  - Guido
  An easy site to enter and update. Nice job.
  - Judi
  I love this site, it is so user friendly. THANKS!
  - Michele
  Wow! I wish all sites where as easy as yours..Thanks!
  - Joyce
  This is great and easy to use and I will tell my friends. Thank you so much.
  - Pat
  Hi, I would just like to say what a great site, very easy to submit your details, which make a great change. THANK YOU
  - Jane
  Your site is excellent - well laid out, easy to use, large pictures!!
  - Dave
  Was elated to join your website. The format is easy to use for owner and consumer. We Love it! Thanks!
  - Renee & Terry
  Put all previous testimonials together in one batch, and then add my name.
  - Julian
  Thank you! I love your website. I will certainly recommend it to all owners of vacation rentals that I know.
  - Christina
  Just wanted to say thanks for your great site! Definitely more user friendly than the other major listing sites.
  - Roger
  Hi, This is the most user friendly rental site we have subscribed to thus far!!! Thanks for making it easy!
  - Kristi
  My compliments on a wonderful webpage and service. It is quite unique and makes it so easy to upload information for rental of vacation properties.
  - Unsigned
  Aloha! Thanks for the opportunity to list and link to your new VacationsFRBO...your website is SO easy to use. "How to use" directions are clear and results are instantaneous. Ken and I sincerely appreciate your generosity in providing an easy-to-use site for both vacationers and owners of units.
  - Janet
  Your site is fantastic! Love the ease of loading pictures, descriptions and general good feel for success from this point forward. Thank you!
  - Unsigned
  Hi- I just listed my property with you and wanted to let you know what a great site you have. I work with all the other vacation rental sites and pay various amounts of money for them and yours is by far much easier to use and the info setup for clients is great.
  - Marydee
  - Unsigned
  I have just listed my rental property & it was very easy to use. Keep up the good work! Thanks for the efficient service - your site is quick and easy to use with no time wasted in getting approval.
  - Brian
  Thank You for listing our vacation property it was very user friendly. The web page looks awesome from start to finish.
  - Robert
  THANK YOU! I heard about your site from my boss. I do a lot of listings for him and I wanted you to know that your site is awesome! Keep up the good work and thank you again!
  - Rachel
  Very well done - your site we easy to navigate and well organized - your question/answers were explained very well too.
  - Unsigned
  There is no comparison. Your site is so easy to navigate, many more photos allowed to be uploaded per posting, (craigslist only allows 4), outstanding presentation of photos.... we could go on and on.
  - Art
  Wow! Truly amazing! What a great company. Thank you again.
  - TH
  Thanks very much for your help. Your site is great and we really appreciate it!
  - Mike
  I would like to take this opportunity of reiterating what others before me have stated (Testimonials). I have found that your site is both user friendly, clear and concise! I especially like the ease of information input, photo uploading/changing, Calendar updating and the overall presentation of the site. I wish to thank you for this fantastic advertising opportunity!
  - Unsigned
  I just wanted to say "WOW" what a great website you have designed. My hat's off to you for making it user-friendly, fast-loading, and well-designed. Thanks very much!
  - Sue
  Actually, your site is much better than most.
  - Earle
  Your site IS excellent and easy to navigate. Thanks for the quick response.
  - GT
  Your website is soooo easy to use. I am very impressed!
  - Unsigned
  Thanks ! You have an awesome web site - very easy to navigate.
  - Unsigned
  Thank you so much for this opportunity. I join all the great comments and testimonials. I wish all the other sites would have such easy access to edit etc.
  - Marie-Louise
  Hello! I just listed my property on your site! Thank you for providing such a great place to search and list.
  - Carole
  I really like how you developed this site. It is one of the easiest I have seen to use.
  - Debbie
  Good site - easy to navigate! Had a two week enquiry already!!
  - Unsigned
  Good morning and thank you for the opportunity to post my vacation rental. The listing process was very simple and easy to use. Thank you.
  - John
  Your software is unbelievable!!! Congratulations!!!
  - Unsigned
  Thanks for the listing- your site looks great- congratulations and good luck!
  - Unsigned
  Stunning easy to use site. Thank you very much indeed.
  - Neville and Liz
  I am really impressed with your site. I have signed up for others and yours is designed extremely well. Easy to use.
  - Mark
  LOVE your website.
  - Kay
  Thanks for hosting FRBO, it's a great website !!
  - Janet
  Hi. Great site you have - we are happy to have our listing online!
  - Matt
  Just added my listing to your fantastic site. Thank You!
  - Fred
  Just finished posting our first listing with you. It was easy and fast. Really love the layout and unlimited photo feature. Looking forward to many inquiries.
  - Tom
  I have just started looking at vacation rental/exchange sites. I signed up for several sites. Yours is by far the best. It is beautifully laid out for searching properties, was easy to list my home, & gave me lots of narrative space for descriptions of everything. You have done a wonderful job & I now consider your site as the "gold standard" against which I would measure any other site I might consider. Thanks for everything. Best Regards.
  - Chuck
  I love the nice clean uncluttered look of your site and the simplicity of its use. Keep up the good work!
  - Wendy
  Hello, I have LOVED your website, I can't tell you how many wonderful inquiries I have received. It works!
  - Natalie
  Dear vac. frbo staff, I love your site!! Thank you for making it so user friendly.
  - Shannon
  Thanks for the site. It is well put together and easy to follow.
  - John
  I am so happy and very much appreciate you developing this site. I can't believe how easy you've made it for someone like me to use your site!! I love the "user friendly" way you developed it, and thank you for helping us rent our vacation home.
  - Sheila
  You guys are doing a great job!!
  - Paul
  This has been one of the easiest sites to work with. I have just added my full picture quota for 3 properties. Great Site. Thanks.
  - Liz
  Great web site you have. I will refer it to others that rent in my area.
  - Will
  Loved the site, very easy to use! Thank you,
  - Linda
  Your web site is concise and a boon to those looking. Keep it up.
  - Lesley
  I just wanted to let you know who much I like this web site design. It is by far the easiest of all that I use, and the layout is great. Keep up the great work.
  - Robyn
  We Love your Site!!
  - Jan
  A million THANKS for your website!! It is so easy to use, read and looks great. I use your site whenever I need to tell people where to go for more info and for pictures. Your name is so easy for them to remember. Again a jillion THANKS!!!!!
  - Diane
  Just joined your org. I have listed my property for 10 years on many sites. Yours is the most user - friendly, well designed and attractive one that I have ever seen. Thank you !
  - Thomas
  I have just loaded my two properties onto your site. I found the process painless and quick and very easy to use. Well done. Regards
  - Patricia
  what a great website to use, thanks
  - Michelle
  Just want to say how I continue to be pleased by your website and, even more importantly, the way you watch out for scammers. In my estimation, your website is the most comprehensive and offers the best search capabilities of any out there. Keep up the good work!!!!
  - Dave and Beth
  I just listed with you and really liked the professional look and ease of use of the listing software. Thanks,
  - Jim
  I love your site. It is very easy to use and to put a listing on.
  - Richard

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