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Manila, Philippines  (# 16939)
 Exotic vacation home (owner stay only once a year
  VacationsFRBO Manila Vacation Rentals Property ID 16939 Manila Rental  

Major City: Dagupan City
Distance: 10-20 km

Type:   House
Area: View

Bedrooms: 5
Sleeps: 8
Baths: 1
Size: 150 Sq M

Internet: No
Pets OK: Yes
Pool: No
Spa: No

Calendar: No
Exchange: No
For Sale: No
Credit Cards: No

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Exotic and romantic to live in this Home.

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Name: Emerita Kaufmann

Phone: 049-09373-99857

Languages: English,German,tagalog,pangasinan

Personal Website:

VacationsFRBO Listing Since: 2006-07-06

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The house is between rice fields and the area is fenced by a wall. A
contact person is day and night attainable. You will live here in
the midst of natives, so you will have direct contact with nice
Philippines Folks who are very hospitable, and are fond of
celebrating holidays like Christmas Parties with dances, which you
as guests are cordially welcomed. You can find a shopping centre
with restaurants, supermarkets, markets, ATM machine which functions
with EC cards, churches, police station and the city hall in just 1
km distance. Means of transport like tricycles, motorcycles are just
at the door. The city Mangaldan has 30 barrios. Guilig is one of
them and the brother-in-law of the landlady is the barrio captain
(Freddy Soriano).Her brother (Rey Ocay) is a counsellor there. If
you wish to see some more of the town and the people, as well as the
house, we are glad to send you some pictures on your email address.



Introducing the Folks in my Town and in other parts of the
Philippines !

The Foreighners are already common for the Folks in our Barrio.They
see the Germans, Americans,Japanese,Australians and the others who
live there during their vacations in the Philippines.In the street
where my parent live,for example, have almost every family at least
a foreign son in law or member of the family who live abroad like
Arabia,Canada,England, and these people come often to their Towns
as they built their houses there as well as to see their family and
Town.The favorite place of many Germans !

So if you want to learn people and know the Philippines way of life,
and at the same time,to see the nice places in Luzon,the biggest
Island in the Philippines,I suggest you to stay in my Province
Pangasinan.We have beautiful beaches,Hundred Islands, near Bagiou as
well as the natural wonders of the World,the ancient Rice Terraces.

You dont have to be afraid of all the bad news about the
Philippines.Youll find safety in our Town.Everywhere youll go,either
in the Banks,Malls or in any Fast Foods restaurants, like Jolly Bees
or Mc Donalds, youll find Armed security Guards ,who are always
ready to help you.We have also Barrio Guards( Barangay Tanod ) who
watch our place, also in the night.Although, theres really, a little
need of them, because crimes in our Town( or I think, outside Urban
areas ) is a rarity.

We Filipinos,despite of Political intrigues and Poverty,we still
remain Friendly and hospitable to our Guests.We easily laugh and our
warm Smile is but, natural for us.Everywhere youll go,youll be
greeted with honorific Maam or Sir.They are friendly, not only to
their own Folks ,but,as well as to the visitos .Seldom can you find
such hospitable people who enjoy the company of Foreighners.
(especially to western)Perhaps, because we were under the Spain, for
longer time, the Americans as well as the Japanese.

Its easy to communicate with them,most of the Pilipinos are
billingual,and the conversation in english is almost possible to
anyone,anytime and anywhere.

Dont be surprised,if somebody call you, Joe,they call all White men
with such name.THey mean it,Joe the American.

The last years,I see and hear more Filipina Women, marrying
Europeans and Americans , so interracial marriages are now common to
them.Unlike before,if they see a filipina woman going out, with
white man,they think her as a Prostitute.Before ,if I was in tour
there, with my children,I was often asked , if I was a Nanny to
them. And although,the Western men look good and bright,you cant
avoid them to think, that Pilipinos want to go with them, just to
have better life.Many of us live in Poverty !

But,well despite of Poverty,we are still fond of Feasts and love to
celebrate it with dances,eating good Foods and enjoy the company of
each others.The term Bayanihan is the term Pilipinos use to describe
the kind of common Spirit that hold us together,in good times and in
bad times and we extend it to Visistors as well.

So ,I invite all, to visit my country ,the Philippines and see it
self .You are cordially Welcomed !

Mangaldan is a 1st class municipality in the Province of Pangasinan,
Philippines.Near cities of Dagupan and Bagiuo.Population is
82,142people.It was founded by Dominican Missionaries from Spainand
had an airstrip used by the American Military during World war 2.It
is subdivided into 30 Barrios or Barangays.Our House is in Guilig
just a walk from the Town middle.You dont need any
transportations.Bus from Manila is direct to Dagupan City just 10
KM. away from us.Its easy to come to our Town.

The Philippines Languages:

There are about 171 native languages in the Philippines, and
Pangasinan and Ilocano(we speak in my Province Pangasinan ) has at
least one million speakers.But,our national language is Tagalog,with
English as the most widely spoken second language. All business,
governmental and legal transactions are conducted in English. The
Philippines are the third largest group of English speaking people
in the world, after the United States and the United Kingdom.Many
Filipinos speak two or more languages.I know three natives ,
(pangasinan,Ilocano and tagalog ) and two foreign languages (german
and english ).And a little bit Spanish,since our language is a
mixture of spanish.(we were under Spanish regime for more than 400
years .).Though many of us,dont know that they do speak spanish.

As I was in high school,I asked my History teacher,why do we have so
many languages in the Philippines.He said ,because of long years of
isolation(we have more than 7000 Islands ) and lack of communication
among the Pilipinos before.The modern Technik such as good and easy
transportations as well as the Internet and telephones ,enable us
now, to have good contact with each others.I would like my Friends
here in Care2 and the other members here learn or know a little bit
of my own languages.Enjoy !

Philippines: Useful Filipino Phrases
Good Morning
Good Afternoon
Good Evening
How are you?
I'm fine
How much is this?
What is your name?
My name is..
Where are you going?
How many?
Please sit down
Come here
Thank you

ou are welcome

Everyday Greetings

Magandang umaga po. (formal/polite) - Good morning
Magandang umaga. (informal) - Good morning
Magandang tanghali po. (formal/polite) - Good noon
Magandang tanghali. (informal) - Good noon
Magandang hapon po. (formal/polite) - Good afternoon
Magandang hapon. (informal) - Good afternoon
Magandang gabi po. (formal/polite) - Good evening
Magandang gabi. (informal) - Good evening
Kumusta po kayo? (formal/polite) - How are you?
Kumusta ka? (informal) - How are you?
Mabuti po naman. (formal/polite) - I'm fine
Mabuti naman. (informal) - I'm fine
Tuloy po kayo. (formal/polite) - Please, come in
Tuloy. (informal) - Please, come in
Salamat po. (formal/polite) - Thank you
Salamat. (informal) - Thank you
Maraming salamat po. (formal/polite) - Thank you very much
Maraming salamat. (informal) - Thank you very much
Wala pong anuman. (formal/polite) - You are welcome
Walang anuman. (informal) - You are welcome
Opo/ oho. (formal/polite) - Yes
Oo (informal) - Yes
Hindi po/ho (formal/polite) - No
Hindi (informal) - No
Hindi ko po/ho alam. (formal/polite) - I don't know
Hindi ko alam. (informal) - I don't know
Anong oras na po? (formal/polite) - What time is it?
Anong oras na? (informal) - What time is it?
Saan po kayo papunta? (formal/polite) - Where are you going?
Saan ka papunta? (informal) - Where are you going?
Saan po kayo galing? (formal/polite) - Where did you come from?
Saan ka galing? (informal) - Where did you come from?
Ano po ang pangalan nila? (formal/polite) - What is your name?
Anong pangalan mo? (informal) - What is your name?
Ako po si ________ (formal/polite) - I am ______ (name).
Ako si _________ (informal) - I am ______ (name).
Ilang taon na po kayo? (formal/polite) - How old are you?
Ilang taon ka na? (informal) - How old are you?
Ako po ay _______ gulang na. (formal/polite) - I am _______ years
Ako ay _______ gulang na. (informal) - I am _______ years old.
Saan po kayo nakatira? (formal/polite) - Where do you live?
Saan ka nakatira? (informal) - Where do you live?
Taga saan po sila? (formal/polite) - Where are you from?
Taga saan ka? (informal) - Where are you from?
Kumain na po ba sila? (formal/polite) - Have you eaten yet?
Kumain ka na ba? (informal) - Have you eaten yet?

in giving or asking for directions.
deretso - straight ahead
(sa) kanan - on the right
(sa) kaliwa - on the left
umikot - turn around
(sa) harap - in front
(sa) likod/likuran - at the back/behind
hilaga - north
silangan - east
kanluran - west
timog - south
(sa) itaas - on top
(sa) ibaba - below/at the bottom
(sa) ilalim - at the bottom
(sa) loob - inside
(sa) labas - outside
distance but signify "nearness" or "farness" of a particular object,
thing, or place from the speaker. These are:
doon - yonder (over there)
diyan lang po sa tabi - there, on that side
sa banda po doon - over on that side

Below is a list of Tagalog question words with their corresponding
meanings and examples in English.
Ano? - What?
Alin? - Which?
Sino? - Who?
Saan? - Where?
Bakit? - Why?
Kailan? - When?
Paano?/Papaano? - How?
Magkano? - How much? (money)
Nasaan? - Where? (to look for something/somebody)

Filipinos who speak the following 18 languages as a native language.
Tagalog - 22,000,000
Cebuano - 18,500,000
Ilokano - 7,700,000
Hiligaynon - 6,900,000
Waray-Waray - 3,100,000
Northern Bikol - 2,500,000
Kapampangan - 2,300,000
Pangasinan - 1,540,000
Southern Bikol - 1,200,000
Kinaray-a - 1,100,000
Maranao - 1,000,000
Maguindanao - 1,000,000
Tausug - 1,000,000
Chavacano - 607,000
Surigaonon - 600,000
Masbatenyo - 530,000
Aklanon - 520,000
Ibanag - 320,000
Philippine languages



Trips to the near tourist spots like Bagiuo, a hundred islands, rice
terraces, beaches, Manila, Vigan, Lingayen and to other places in
the whole Luzon are easy through the public means of transportation.
You will be guided or accompanied by your contact person. There are
2 beaches there: White beach is 8 km and Tondaligan beach is 10 km
away from our place. From Manila airport, you will be either fetched
by my sister with her own van or ride with a taxi to the bus
station. And there, take a bus, for a trip in going directly to
Dagupan City. It is just 10 km away from the holiday house. From
here, you can take a Jeep or you will be fetched up by my brother
Rey. The Philippines archipelago of more than 7,000 islands is
sandwiched between Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand,
flanked by the South China Sea. Mangaldan, Pangasinan is in Luzon,
the largest island in the country with nice beaches. We look forward
to see you there and wish you a pleasant stay with the Philippine



You can pay us either in dollars or in Euro.10% by booking and the rest,you can pay your rent before the vacation. We are renting this house for at least one week stay.Rent 300 dollars per week inclusive Maids to do the household chores at day,water,electric,beddings.


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