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Have you booked a reservation recently through one of the 'big-name' vacation rental sites? If so, have you looked closely at the billing details? You are now getting charged an 8% to 14% 'service fee' every time you rent through one of these sites! And for what service? This fee goes straight to the website; not to the property owner.

Would you maybe like to call the owner before making a booking? Perhaps with some questions or even just to verify that that the owner is legitimate? Good luck trying to find the owner's phone number - it has been removed from the listing!

You will find many of these exact same properties on VacationsFRBO and you will never pay any sort of 'service fee', plus you can email or call the owner directly. If you don't find your desired destination on VacationsFRBO, but you do on a site that charges you a hefty 'service fee', ask the owner why he/she is not listing on VacationsFRBO in order to save you the fee!

Start your search by scrolling down on this page.


Would you prefer to pay just $9.95 per year for your listing, rather than hundreds of dollars?

Are you upset with recent changes in the 'big names' vacation rental business?
- Where you are now unable to communicate directly with a guest before making a booking?
- Where you must sign up for auto-payment, or your property plunges in the listing order?
- Where you now pay the guest's charge card fees?
- Where your guest now has to pay an outrageous 'service fee' for every transaction?


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 Alabama  (103)Hawaii  (591)Massachusetts  (198)New Mexico  (34)South Dakota  (10)
 Alaska  (47)Idaho  (43)Michigan  (139)New York  (244)Tennessee  (171)
 Arizona  (290)Illinois  (26)Minnesota  (49)North Carolina  (255)Texas  (178)
 Arkansas  (42)Indiana  (16)Mississippi  (12)North Dakota  (1)Utah  (99)
 California  (1011)Iowa  (4)Missouri  (80)Ohio  (19)Vermont  (84)
 Colorado  (256)Kansas  (1)Montana  (51)Oklahoma  (5)Virginia  (58)
 Connecticut  (18)Kentucky  (10)Nebraska  (1)Oregon  (187)Washington  (132)
 Delaware  (35)Louisiana  (19)Nevada  (122)Pennsylvania  (80)West Virginia  (30)
 District of Columbia  (11)Maine  (185)New Hampshire  (83)Rhode Island  (23)Wisconsin  (54)
 Florida  (2427)Maryland  (71)New Jersey  (161)South Carolina  (285)Wyoming  (7)
 Georgia  (122)

  Canada Vacation Rentals  

 Alberta  (12)Manitoba  (1)Newfoundland  (4)Ontario  (192)Quebec  (93)
 British Columbia  (300)New Brunswick  (12)Nova Scotia  (40)Prince Edward Island  (31)Saskatchewan  (1)

  Caribbean Vacation Rentals  

 Anguilla  (1)British Virgin Islands  (14)Grenada  (3)Roatan  (6)St Martin & Sint Maarten  (32)
 Antigua  (8)Cayman Islands  (16)Guadeloupe  (5)Saint Kitts and Nevis  (7)St Vincent and the Grenadines  (1)
 Aruba  (17)Cuba  (5)Haiti  (3)San Andres  (5)Tobago  (10)
 Bahamas  (57)Curacao  (5)Jamaica  (32)St Barthelemy  (3)Turks and Caicos  (11)
 Barbados  (30)Dominica  (1)Montserrat  (1)St Lucia  (9)US Virgin Islands  (80)
 Bonaire  (12)Dominican Republic  (40)Puerto Rico  (136)

  Europe Vacation Rentals  

 Austria  (23)Denmark  (3)Iceland  (4)Moldova  (5)Scotland  (38)
 Belarus  (5)England  (89)Ireland  (24)Montenegro  (1)Slovenia  (2)
 Belgium  (43)Finland  (2)Italy  (692)Netherlands  (42)Spain  (446)
 Bosnia & Herzegovina  (1)France  (647)Jersey  (1)Norway  (8)Sweden  (6)
 Bulgaria  (35)Georgia  (1)Latvia  (11)Poland  (15)Switzerland  (6)
 Croatia  (59)Germany  (23)Lithuania  (1)Portugal  (91)Turkey  (76)
 Cyprus  (29)Greece  (87)Macedonia  (1)Romania  (2)Wales  (13)
 Czech Republic  (59)Hungary  (53)Malta  (6)Russia  (2)

  Mexico Vacation Rentals  

 Baja California  (166)Gulf Of Mexico  (3)Northern Mexico  (33)Pacific Coast  (248)Yucatan & Cancun  (155)
 Central Mexico  (45)

  Central America Vacation Rentals  

 Belize  (18)El Salvador  (2)Guatemala  (2)Nicaragua  (8)Panama  (23)
 Costa Rica  (181)

  South America Vacation Rentals  

 Argentina  (85)Brazil  (81)Colombia  (7)Peru  (30)Venezuela  (17)
 Bolivia  (1)Chile  (2)Ecuador  (3)Uruguay  (3)

  South Pacific Vacation Rentals  

 Australia  (40)Cook Islands  (2)Fiji  (6)New Zealand  (17)Tahiti  (2)

  Middle East Vacation Rentals  

 Iran  (1)Israel  (132)United Arab Emirates  (2)

  Asia Vacation Rentals  

 China  (39)Indonesia  (12)Malaysia  (14)Philippines  (55)Taiwan  (1)
 India  (34)Japan  (1)Nepal  (1)Sri Lanka  (2)Thailand  (101)

  Africa Vacation Rentals  

 Egypt  (19)Kenya  (4)Morocco  (8)South Africa  (61)Tunisia  (1)
 Ghana  (4)Mauritius  (4)Seychelles  (1)Tanzania  (5)
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